Honey Mustard Double Bites

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1 Bag

Discover guilt-free snacking with Skinny Delite's Honey Mustard Double Bites, a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional chips. Crafted by Robard Corp as part of their Nutrimed and Advanced Health System line, these chips defy the norm with their high protein content, boasting 10-12 grams per serving. Packed with 1-5 grams of dietary fiber, they provide a satisfying crunch while keeping you full and energized throughout the day. Perfect for busy schedules, these chips are a convenient option for on-the-go munching, whether at the office or on the move. Say goodbye to snack-time dilemmas and hello to flavorful satisfaction with Skinny Delite's Honey Mustard Double Bites, your go-to solution for smart and tasty snacking.