Fulfill Iced Tea with lemon

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10 Packs

Discover the refreshing taste of Skinny Delite's FulFill Iced Tea with Lemon, a delightful beverage that not only quenches your thirst but also supports your weight loss journey. Manufactured by Robard Corp as part of their Nutrimed and Advanced Health System line, this iced tea is infused with zesty lemon flavor and boasts an impressive 5g of fiber per serving. Simply add a packet to 8oz of water, and you'll not only enjoy a delicious drink but also promote healthy digestion, making weight management a breeze. With zero net carbs and no cholesterol, it's the perfect guilt-free addition to your daily routine. Sip your way to success with FulFill Iced Tea with Lemon – your tasty solution to reaching your weight loss goals while staying hydrated and satisfied.