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Protrim PLUS™ contains vitamins, minerals, and a bulking agent to create a feeling of fullness and to help curb the appetite. Chromium, an essential trace mineral, has been added to this combination to aid in the metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates. Protrim PLUS™ may work in two ways: as an appetite controller and as a fat and sugar binder. Before meals, taken with an 8oz glass of water, Protrim PLUS™ (carboxymethlycellulose), can swell seven times its dry volume in the stomach. This promotes a feeling of fullness and keeps one from over-eating. During digestion, the Protrim PLUS™ bulking fiber is thought to surround sugar and fat molecules and thus minimize their absorption by the body. Protrim PLUS™ may assist in: • Providing a feeling of fullness• Controlling appetite• Reducing cravings for sugar and carbohydrates• Increasing the rate of metabolism and helping to burn calories more rapidly

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