Top Healthwise Food Choices for Optimal Nutrition

Top Healthwise Food Choices for Optimal Nutrition

Eating a nutritionally balanced diet is challenging, especially in today's "on the go" world. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults' average daily sugar intake is about 19 teaspoons for men and 15 teaspoons for women.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to transform your diet without feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stressed.

Read on to discover the top HealthWise food choices to ensure that you get optimized nutrition for a healthier lifestyle.

About HealthWise Food Products

Before we delve into the specifics, let's go over more about the brand. HealthWise specializes in providing delicious, filling, and nutritious food options that help to promote a more balanced diet plan.

These high-quality nutritional products include a wide variety of protein-rich snacks and meal replacements. They work well with commercial and medical weight loss programs to help you shed pounds while also ensuring you get the best balance of nutrients and macros possible.

Not only do the foods taste great, but they can also help you develop healthy eating habits that will last into the future. The brand has been offering products for over 28 years with a commitment to helping people live their best lives. All products are proudly made in the USA and meet rigorous nutritional standards, proving that eating healthy can also be enjoyable.

Yummy and Healthy Shakes

Shakes from HealthWise Food provides an easy, quick, and nutritious meal replacement whenever you're on the go. These shakes are low in calories but big in flavor. 

The HealthWise Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake features indulgent flavors like chocolate and peanut butter, combined for a high-protein yet low-calorie blend. The shake is just 120 calories and six net carbs. It's also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

Not only can you mix these shakes and drink them whenever you want, but they can also be made into a delicious pudding for a healthy dessert. The shakes also come in other popular flavors like chocolate and vanilla.

Since they're packed with healthy protein, you can easily enjoy one of these awesome shakes as a meal replacement or a post-workout treat. Mix them with milk and refrigerate to create a yummy, healthy dessert you can eat guilt-free.

Energy Boost Drinks

Boost Drinks from HealthWise Food are formulated to elevate your energy levels and add pep to your step. These drink mixes provide the perfect blend of flavor and function to help you along your health and wellness journey.

Each drink has natural caffeine and is conveniently packaged in compact stick packs you can mix with water whenever you're on the go. They only have 10 to 11 calories per serving and no added sugars to keep you feeling zesty and energized without the harmful sugar.

Every box contains 21 single-serve sticks so you always have access to a yummy, energy-boosting drink whenever you need it. These drinks will help you feel more perky and improve your vitality. Flavors include strawberry lemonade, green tea, and mixed berry.

Convenient and Nutritious Bars

If you're looking for another healthy snack, the bars from HealthWise are an excellent choice. Each of these bars is packed with healthy protein and they come in an assortment of delicious flavors to add variety to your everyday.

Caramel Crunch

Some customers compare the caramel crunch bar to a Snickers thanks to the delicious taste. This bar features a crunchy wafer and a layer of caramel coated in chocolate and nuts. With 15 grams of protein, it's a guilt-free, gluten-free way to maintain your health and weight loss goals.

Strawberry Cheesecake

This guilt-free delight features the same flavors as the iconic dessert. However, unlike actual cheesecake, you'll get 12 grams of protein and just 155 calories with this flavorful bar featuring a popular strawberry cheesecake flavor. It's also completely free of gluten and trans fat, making it a truly healthy alternative.

Caramel Nut

Enjoy a fabulous option to keep your diet on track without the guilt. The HealtWise Caramel Nut bar features a blend of chocolate, caramel, and nuts on top of a crunchy wafer. It has 12 grams of protein, 13 net carbs, and gluten-free ingredients for a satisfying snack.

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate and mint were made for each other, and you'll get the best of both worlds with this snack bar. Chewy chocolate combines with refreshing mint to create a customer favorite. Each bar is packed with 14 grams of protein to keep you full for hours.

Rockie Road

With a heavenly combination of crunchy nuts, rich chocolate, and fluffy marshmallows, this bar is a must-have to help you meet your nutritional goals. With 14 grams of protein per bar, it's a great way to enjoy a sweet treat without the extra guilt. This bar proves you don't have to sacrifice flavor and texture to enjoy the things you love while you work toward achieving your health and weight loss goals.

More Amazing Flavors

These are just some of the awesome bars offered by HealthWise. Other popular flavors include:

  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Cookies and cream
  • Chunky crisp peanut butter

Golden Pancakes

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can be tough to find a quick and healthy alternative. The Golden Pancakes from HealthWise are easy to prepare and they're also packed with healthy protein.

Each serving has just 90 calories and 15 grams of protein for a delicious, simple way to start each day. They also have less than one gram of sugar so you can enjoy the texture and flavor of pancakes without the extra calories and junk.

Top these pancakes with some sugar-free syrup or some fresh fruit for a fantastic morning meal. They're a great option if you're looking for a healthy breakfast item to add to your balanced diet plan.

Chicken with Pasta Soup

Whenever you want a warm and satisfying meal, reach for the Chicken with Pasta Soup from HealthWise. This delicious soup always hits the spot, and it's a particular favorite during the cold days of winter.

Every serving of this soup has under 100 calories and 15 grams of protein. There's also just six grams of carbs in each serving, too. Devoid of sucralose and aspartame, it's a great option for anyone who's looking to reduce their artificial sweetener and calorie intake while upping their protein.

Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal

If you're working on losing weight while also trying to improve your nutrition, this delicious apple and cinnamon oatmeal is a great choice. Packed with protein, it's flavored with the iconic taste of cinnamon and apple.

Make this oatmeal whenever you want to satisfy your hunger or eat it daily for breakfast. Whenever and however you choose to eat it, it's a smart addition to a healthy diet since it's packed with nutrients. This product is an excellent choice for busy people who want an easy-to-prepare meal or snack at any time.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cereal

Speaking of convenience, you can't go wrong with this delicious cereal features a classic flavor combo of chocolate and peanut butter. Each box contains seven convenient packs, and all you have to do is pour it into a bowl, add some milk, and enjoy.

While it does offer a sweet flavor, it's not too heavy or too cloying. Not only that, but this cereal is gluten-free and contains 14 grams of protein with no added sugar.

Sloppy Joe High Protein Light Entree

If you're craving something savory, this meal from HealthWise Food is a must-have addition to your diet. With just 100 calories and four grams of net carbs per serving, it's a satisfying and delicious meal.

It also packs a punch of 15 grams of protein to help you feel full for longer while also helping you build muscle. It's also gluten-free and easy to prepare so you can easily meet your weight loss aspirations without sacrificing a healthy and tasty meal in the process.

The bold flavors of this meal will bring back fond memories of eating sloppy Joe dinners as a kid. Make it for lunch or dinner to get the delicious taste you love while supporting all of your wellness and nutrition goals.

Beef with Noodles Soup

You don't have to miss your favorite comfort foods while you work toward eating healthier. This delicious soup offers you the savory flavors of beef with pasta to provide you with satisfaction and nutrition all in one meal.

Eat this satisfying soup for lunch or dinner with just 90 calories and an incredible 16 grams of protein per serving. This soup is one of the most popular options for many customers since it's so comforting, filling, and easy to prepare no matter where you go.

Discover Your New Favorite Foods

Products from HealthWise Food are packed with protein, low in calories, and free from harmful ingredients that could derail your health and nutrition goals. Add these products to your daily eating plan to get a satisfying snack or meal any time you need a nutritional pick-me-up. offers our customers a wide variety of protein bars, shakes, soups, entrees, snacks, and even desserts. If you're interested in learning more about our products, check out the rest of our website today! 

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